The Shelly Sachs Wig Room

For over 20 years, GYNCA has helped women with GYN cancers, but we understand that hair lose is something that effects every woman with cancer, not just GYN cancers. Thanks to our new partnership with Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks and the Shelly Sachs Foundation, we are now able to provide wigs for any woman connected with these agencies, no matter the cancer type! 
Wig head
Many times, individuals diagnosed with cancer lose their hair during treatment.  We have always said “It’s not JUST hair”, it is so much more, and we want to make sure that each of our clients are able to maintain as much normalcy in their life as possible.  To do this we assist with providing a free wig, wig stand, care instructions, and a special gift bag for each individual to pamper themselves with. We want to help build confidence and let you know that we care.  You are beautiful and so much more than your diagnosis!

In our wig fittings, we provide the following: 
  • private wig fitting experience for you and your family
  • Access to 200+ wigs, to find your perfect new style
  • Training on cleaning and maintaining your wig
  • A bag of goodies to pamper yourself with
Shelly sachs wig room


Introducing our brand new Wig Room!

We are so happy to have been able to improve our space to better serve you!

We would like to say thank you to our partners for helping make this a reality for women in our area!