Covid 19

Like all of you, we have been faced with making some very challenging decisions. While I am tasked with doing what is best for our members, it is with a heavy heart that we have had to suspend some of our support services. We have shared this information with our members privately and have given them time to ask any questions before we shared these changes publicly. Thank you for your patience as we coordinated that effort.


The following changes have been made to protect our members, our volunteers, our supporters, our staff and our community at large:


1)   The GYNCA office will be closed until further notice. We are doing this in an attempt to limit exposure. We are all set up to work remotely so please continue to communicate with us!


2)   All support group meetings have been cancelled until further notice, this applies to Springfield, Joplin and Branson meetings. We are very aware of how this climate of added uncertainty & isolation could be impacting our members. This

was and will continue to be top of mind as we work to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.


  • How are we offsetting that need for social support? Amber and I have provided our personal cell phone numbers to all of our ladies! We are happily on call to chat anytime. We have also increased communication and encouraged more interaction in our private chat group. Amber has worked diligently to provide our members with a list of available resources for ALL 30 of our counties! Those resources are being shared with our members and we are updating that list as it grows/changes.

3)   Until further notice, we are unable to make hospital visits.

We feel taking these steps and following the guidelines being given truly can and will save lives. Please do your part to protect yourself and your loved ones.


We still have some big decisions to make regarding upcoming fundraisers. We hope to have more information later this week regarding our Tee Up Fore Teal Golf Tournament. Please stay tuned for updates!


Lastly, we would like to extend a message of sincere appreciation to those who have been working and responding to the COVID-19 crisis. We applaud your efforts, your time, and the compassion you put into everything you do.


Stay safe & healthy.



In service,


Stephanie Pape

Executive Director

GYNCA – GYN Cancers Alliance



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