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Beverly's Story - Uterine Cancer

I had random spotting after menopause, and I just excused it as I had started running some 5ks and I had shaken my insides up.

I waited until my annual pelvic exam and told my gynecologist. She immediately told me that was not normal, and she did a biopsy. The doctor immediately said it did not look good. That was Thursday and on Monday I received the call that it was cancer.

I was referred to a gyno oncologist and had an MRI, cat scan and lots of blood work. On March 23, I had a complete hysterectomy. The doctor thought the surgery was curative. Further screening of lymph nodes showed a small cancer cell, so I went from stage 1 to stage 3. I had 6 treatments of chemo 3 weeks apart, and 25 radiation treatments.

On October 7, 2024, I will be 5 years cancer free and officially a survivor! I was blessed to have minimal side effects from treatment.

I am a huge advocate now for knowing what the signs are encouraging women to now your body and do your regular checkups.