Gas Cards for Chemo/Radiation Appointments


GYNCA's Fueled By Hope Gas Card Program serves the 24 surrounding counties of SWMO with the transportation needed to get to life saving treatments. Funds raised here will give everyone the gas required to travel to their Chemo/Radiation Appointments. Traveling hundreds of miles every week to get to their treatment appointments.

Every single month, GYNCA provides emergency financial assistance to women undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation for gynecologic cancers. Over $10,000 in this direct form of financial help (rent, utilities, car repairs, fuel cards, mortgage payments) is delved out each MONTH, right here in Southwest Missouri.

Many of the monthly requests are for fuel cards. So far in 2018, GYNCA has provided over $4,500 a month in Fuel Cards to women traveling to and from lifesaving treatments. You can support the Fuel Card Program by making a donation today! 


Over the past 2 years, we have given our ladies over $200,000 in assistance. On a monthly average of $8,500 for assistance or we issue out over $4,500 per month in gas cards. GYNCA serves 24 surrounding counties to get our ladies diagnosed with gynecologic cancers to get to their life saving chemo/radiation appointments.

That is all thanks to special donors just like you, who are passionate about raising funds and helping women and families here in our own back yard. GYNCA is a unique one-of-a-kind organization in the United States.